Together we must move like waves. Have you observed the ocean? The waves are not the same over and over—each one is unique and responsive. The goal is not to repeat each other’s motion, but to respond in whatever way feels right in your body. The waves we create are both continuous and a one time occurrence. We must notice what it takes to respond well. How it feels to be in a body, in a whole—separate, aligned, cohesive. Critically connected.

—adrienne maree brown, Emergent Strategy


Fall is in the air! Friends are returning from their various summer adventures, leaves are changing colors, and the swifts are spiraling the sky. Such tenderness in the small noticing, in the noticing how the small creates the big, in the noticing how one step is always preceding the next, that we are always continuing.


3 months unlimited … $260

20 classes … $195

10 classes … $112

5 classes … $60

Sale is LIVE, will come down on the first day of FALL, September 23rd.


Please join us for the first of many special evenings of sound with the magical Indira Valey, happening Saturday, September 28th from 7-8:30pm. We are over the moon that our first sound bath together is happening on the Libra new moon, a potent, cosmic reminder that we can always begin again. These monthly soundbaths will be unique and time-based. Nothing here will be or ever could be replicated. You'll be guided along a river of sound and in it you'll swim, moving your beautiful body however you choose, resting on any of our many props, held within the container of our seriously special practice room.

We are offering these evenings on a sliding scale based on the belief that when we each choose the most honest tier we not only pay our own way, we help support our community members.

Tier #1 sliding scale $15-25

Tier #2 sliding scale $25-35

Tier #3 sliding scale $35-45


Please Join us Sunday, October 13th for a special afternoon of Qigong and Improvisational Movement with beloved teacher Suniti Dernovsek in collaboration with Adam Persinger. We'll gather from 2-4:15pm. Cost of workshop is $15. Please register online.

Adam and Suniti offer a practice in qigong, movement improvisation and somatic mediation to steep in presence and aliveness. We listen into our body to gain insight into our current condition. We touch a body of elements, a body of relating to everything all at once. Emotionally evocative visualizations and movement prompts are offered to access fresh states of being. We enter the body as a mythical terrain, mimicking the movements of the tiger, wind, and waves as embodied psychological states. We stretch the boundaries of identity by committing so fully to our senses that our experience is transformed into fresh spontaneous presence.

We make contact to the floor, air, skin, organs, muscle, bones to learn about our environment and to learn about ourselves. We find the support needed to be right here, in the awe of nowness.


“Depending upon which dimension you are experiencing, everything you perceive acquires the depth and beauty of that dimension.” A.H. Almaas

“...conversation is a crucial way to explore what we believe and to make new understandings and ideas possible.” adrienne maree brown

From the moment we are one cell, we are each on the journey of impermanent change and growth, and it’s happening in the context of relating to wherever we happen to be. This process of relating is happening in both directions. Extend an arm and circle it through space, and space selfsame extends and circles. It is a tender conversation. All the time our bodies are in dialogue with the worlds around us and within us, are being shaped by and shaping those worlds in real time. Our fingerprints tell the remembered story of exploring and organizing our first home, our movements and footsteps articulate the current one. Our bodies contain within them a primordial wisdom of growth patterns, of coming together and coming apart, of balance and letting go, and that wisdom has long lasting implications.
For 3 days we’ll gather together in and around Joseph, OR. We’ll inquire into the potent tools and techniques the somatic and contemplative practices of yoga have the capacity to uncover and illuminate.

What makes this retreat low-residency? Unlike retreats we’ve run in the past, where you stay, what you eat, and what you do with your time outside of our time together is all your choice! The towns of Lostine and Joseph, and the towns between them, are all such treasures. Maybe you want to get a hotel room, or rent an airbnb; maybe you’d like to camp out at Wallowa State Park or stay at a more rustic lodge nearer to the lake. With this low-residency aspect, you could potentially stay at several places, and explore the serious beauty of this part of eastern Oregon. What’s more? With this set up, we are able to offer these practices at (what we hope are) very affordable prices. Each practice is being offered on a sliding scale of $25-30, and all 4 practices combined are being offered on a scale of $115-120. This retreat is a coming together or contemplative communities, we’ll be joining the grounded and tender crew already going on, and as such, we’re limiting the registration to 6 people (from Portland). Want to come with us? Reach out! Let’s talk.

Friday 11/15
Opening circle, grounding practice/yin yoga

Saturday 11/16
Warming hatha flow
Seated meditation and pranayama

Sunday 11/17
Seated & walking meditation, hatha flow, closing circle


We know that there are many yoga studios to choose from, and it is with sincerity and full hearts that we thank you for choosing to bring your practice to North Portland Yoga. Inasmuch as we are able, we strive to be analogue. We keep it human, we keep it simple. We are your center for contemplative practice, it is our honor to share our experience of these deep practices with you. Our ears are always open to receive your feedback. If ever you want or need to get in touch, we will do our very best to get back to you in a timely manner. Thank you for making North Portland Yoga the healing space that it is.