“That’s why knowledge and consciousness are two quite different things. Knowledge is like a product we consume and store. All we need are good closets. By consciousness I mean a state of being “awake” to the world throughout our organism. This kind of consciousness requires not closets but an organism attuned to the finest perceptions and responses. It allows experience to breathe through it as light enters and changes a room. When knowledge is transformed into consciousness and into will, ah then we are on the high road indeed…”

From the beautiful book called Centering, by M.C.Richards


Friends, we are rapidly approaching the most get-outside, spectacular time of year. It’s too easy to fall out of practice, and yet, during this time when the rhythms feel to both slow down and accelerate, staying grounded in practice allows for presence to happen. We hope to make your summertime practice wishes come true! When possible, practicing on the deck, perhaps? But for now … a special Summer Sale:

3 Months of uninterrupted, unlimited goodness: $250*

20 Class Card: $190

10 Class Card: $112

*3 months begins on your first visit

As always, class cards NEVER expire. This sale, however, does. Get yours before June 16th (that’s when the sale ends:)) And the sale is ON.


Friends! This is the LAST Somatic Saturday of the summer with our beloved master teacher Sarah Trelease! Don’t miss it! Saturday, June 29th, 2-4pm.

Somatic Saturdays is a monthly workshop-style class, offering the space to explore our feeling–and–experiencing selves. We’ll touch in and travel our inner-landscapes through mindful yoga asana, breath and contemplative practices, with curiosity and reverence for our unique voices. All bodies, levels and abilities are welcome.

***We'll be gathering on June 29th from 2-4pm***

Please register online, cost of the workshop is $20. Class cards not accepted, only the yearly ($99/month) membership is accepted, all other monthly options and class cards are not applicable. 


Please join us for this very special 3 part workshop with Aisha Edwards. There are 7 spots left, please visit our website for more information and reach out to info@northportlandyoga.com with any questions.

Within From Without: Trauma Informed Self Journeying

Trauma can leave us feeling fragmented from our embodied nature, in patterns of numbing, reactivity and self-sabotage. Through invitations into discussion, guided meditation, gentle movement and simple ritual, this 3 part workshop builds on and deepens trauma healing. In an intimate group, participants will learn about impacts of trauma on the body, skills to ground and contain trauma responses, and ultimately, how to engage wounded parts. Each session builds foundations for the next. Therefore sessions 2 and 3 are closed to new participants.

Within from Without is a trauma-informed series integrating evidence based approaches and opportunities to build spiritual/ancestral practices into healing. It is intended for folks who have developed a secure footing in their trauma work or are currently working with a healer. This material is unsuited for folks who have not yet begun their trauma journey or who do not have access to ongoing professional support. Participant discretion is advised.


Okay friends, we’re excited about our second ever yoga challenge! It’s going down for the entire month of July. These somatic practices can truly take root when there is consistency, community support, and the assistance of one of our experienced and curious instructors to facilitate dialogue between you and the wonders of your interior.

Here are the details:

The challenge begins Monday, July 1st and ends Wednesday, July 31st.

Practice with us for all 31 days … 2 weeks unlimited yoga for you AND a friend of your choosing!

Practice with us for 21 days … 10% off a 10 class card!

Practice with us for 11 days … 5% off a 5 class card!

On an unlimited pass and have every intention of participating in the challenge? We will happily put your pass on hold while you enjoy your winnings.


Please join us for a special evening of embodied ritual and healing sound. Friday, August 30th our moon renews in the sign of Virgo. Our moon will also be very close to our home planet, which while unseen, will have capacity to send many feelings our way. With the earth beneath us and many props to assist in the support of our bodies we'll ease out of summer's excited movement and energetically make room for the winding-down of autumn. Cary will guide us in the shape making, while a soundscape of her creation plays upon our senses of that most unique juncture of the interior body, and the surrounding world. 

Our practice will go from 6-8pm and will be a grounding and restorative practice with plenty of time left for a luxurious savasana. 

We're offering this practice on a tiered payment system, we ask that you please choose the option that is most appropriate for you.

Tier #1 $25

Tier #2 $35

Tier #3 $45


Please welcome Amanya to Wednesday evenings! Amanya is now teaching the 6pm vinyasa class on Wednesdays, and we are so happy to have her. Her classes are strong, grounding, and expansive.

A little about this delightful human:

My personal yoga mission statement is to share the tools for self-healing and communal healing at the mental, physical, and spiritual levels through the practice of pranayama and vinyasa. Years after my first yoga experience that felt inauthentic to me, I was intrigued to try the practice again as I was developing a close friendship with a yoga instructor. As a dancer, I was aware of the ways in which this was a moving meditation, and loved the graceful dedication to self and beyond through the practice. As someone who has studied and practiced Buddhist meditation since high school, I loved the full integration of the mental, physical, and spiritual that yoga offered. I use yoga for the amazing physical benefits of releasing tension in my body, detoxing my skin, maintaining my flexibility, building body strength, increasing my balance, and more! I also use yoga to help me heal from ancestral and personal traumas, and as a much treasured and incomparable tool for healthy, holistic living. Since completing my teacher training, I have come into my full power as a healer, in understanding that I’ve been on the Eight Limbed Path my whole life even before I was conscious of that fact. 


We are very excited to be making it official with this sweet heart, Justin Condon. Justin has taken over the Friday evening Restorative sliding scale class. Justin loves teaching slow, healing, restorative practices.

A little about him:

Growing up queer had afforded Justin with a unique outlook on expression. Like many folks who don’t fit well within societal constructs, he learned to limit and stifle much of himself.

It wasn’t until yoga touched his life in 2006 that he began to bloom. Through yoga he discovered the body is our outward expression of authentic self, and only through the full spectrum of physical and emotional expression can we embrace our authenticity.


Friends, we are in the midst of a fundraising campaign, and we are asking for your support. We are raising funds to improve the quality of air flow in our most special and beautiful place of yoga practice. With such high ceilings, the heat in the winter time rises and ultimately is wasted; and the small fans we currently have don't circulate the air as well as we'd like in the summer. We have given a lot of thought to the kind of remedy that would be most in line with the ethos at North Portland Yoga, and landed on the side of Big Ass Fans. We hope to install four, and that's where we need your support. 
The fans we've been in dialogue with B.A.F about installing in our studio go for a little shy of $1,300 each (not including installation). The money we raise will go directly towards the purchase and installation of the fans. It is our hope that we'll be able to have the fans in operation before the peak of summer heat sets in so that our summer practice can be tempered by the fans swirling the air inside of our dreamy room. The fans will also keep our bodies nice and toasty during the winter time, maintaining the warmed air at the level of the fans and below, effectively preventing it from going up to the ceiling. 
This kind of support will not only help keep us all cool (and warm) but will also ensure that North Portland Yoga is less of a draw on the main grid, that our practices on the mat translate that much more to our practices in the world. 
We are so very grateful to every one of you for donating to our fundraiser and/or sharing this campaign far and wide. We are humbled and honored to be in community with you.

If you donate $45 you get a complimentary class with us!
If you donate $90 you get a 3 complimentary classes!
If you donate $200 you and a person of your choosing each get 8 complimentary classes!
If you donate $500 you get 3 months unlimited yoga!
If you donate the cost of one fan ($1,300), you get complimentary yoga for one year!!

No matter the amount, any donation or word spreading that you make and do helps us continue the work we love to do. Aside from holding regular drop-in yoga classes and various workshops and events, we love love LOVE holding space for collective healing that doesn't necessarily fall under the umbrella of familiar and commonly recognizable "yoga". Your support in helping us keep our cooling and heating systems sustainable and efficient allows us to open up more space for community gatherings, performances, meditations, and yes, yoga classes, throughout the year in comfort! Thank you so very much for reading, for donating, and for sharing. Hands to heart, we would not be here if not for you.


We know that there are many yoga studios to choose from, and it is with sincerity and full hearts that we thank you for choosing to bring your practice to North Portland Yoga. Inasmuch as we are able, we strive to be analogue. We keep it human, we keep it simple. We are your center for contemplative practice, it is our honor to share our experience of these deep practices with you. Our ears are always open to receive your feedback. If ever you want or need to get in touch, we will do our very best to get back to you in a timely manner. Thank you for making North Portland Yoga the healing space that it is.