“There is no way to real freedom except through our deepest and most essential nature.”

~Ravi Ravindra’s translation and commentary of The Bhagavad Gita


Friends, we’re running a FLASH SALE. The practice reveals itself again and again, in all contexts, all situations. It’s helpful to have a place to gather where we can practice being human, together. It’s helpful to have a gathering place to remember, again and again, just how briefly we are here; just how tender and beautiful we can be, for ourselves, for one another.

20 classes … $180

10 classes … $110

5 classes … $60

This FLASH SALE is already live, and will come down 11 days from now, July 22nd. Get yours, and let’s be together this summer.

Friends! There are 3 spots left in this workshop with the very skillful Aisha Edwards! We are offering a special deal on the one ticket remaining at the 2nd tier, and the 2 remaining on the 3rd tier. Please email cary@northportlandyoga.com if you are interested and ready to register. The first of the three part series begins THIS SATURDAY! Don’t delay.

Within From Without: Trauma Informed Self Journeying

Trauma can leave us feeling fragmented from our embodied nature, in patterns of numbing, reactivity and self-sabotage. Through invitations into discussion, guided meditation, gentle movement and simple ritual, this 3 part workshop builds on and deepens trauma healing. In an intimate group, participants will learn about impacts of trauma on the body, skills to ground and contain trauma responses, and ultimately, how to engage wounded parts. Each session builds foundations for the next. Therefore sessions 2 and 3 are closed to new participants.

Within from Without is a trauma-informed series integrating evidence based approaches and opportunities to build spiritual/ancestral practices into healing. It is intended for folks who have developed a secure footing in their trauma work or are currently working with a healer. This material is unsuited for folks who have not yet begun their trauma journey or who do not have access to ongoing professional support. Participant discretion is advised.


We know that there are many yoga studios to choose from, and it is with sincerity and full hearts that we thank you for choosing to bring your practice to North Portland Yoga. Inasmuch as we are able, we strive to be analogue. We keep it human, we keep it simple. We are your center for contemplative practice, it is our honor to share our experience of these deep practices with you. Our ears are always open to receive your feedback. If ever you want or need to get in touch, we will do our very best to get back to you in a timely manner. Thank you for making North Portland Yoga the healing space that it is.